Make Boiled Meat Potatoes
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Make Boiled Meat Potatoes


Make Boiled Meat Potatoes It is among the most popular dishes.We continue to introduce delicious dishes from Turkish cuisine. Now it’s time for the boiled potato dish with meat. Follow the steps in order.


Many varieties of meat dish, which is an indispensable part of traditional Turkish cuisine, are made. Especially during the Festival of Sacrifices and Ramadan, succulent potato scalding is among the most popular dishes. Those who are curious about the recipe of this dish, which tastes legendary, often research how to make boiled potatoes with meat.

Kişi Sayısı4
Hazırlık Süresi1 Hours
Pişirme Süresi45 Minutes

Ingredients of Boiled Potatoes with meat

  • • 500 grams of lamb (whether bony or boneless, completely optional),

  • • 1 large or 2 small onions

  • • Depending on the fat status of the meat, oil is not needed in high fat meat,

  • • 6- 8 potatoes,

  • • 8- 10 cups water

  • • Salt

  • • Pepper

  • • 1 carrot

Boiled Potatoes with Meat Recipe


Boiled Potatoes with Meat Recipe

1. The meat is thoroughly washed by chopping it to the desired size. It is taken to the pot and put as much water is necessary to cover the meat. 2. The foams that occur during boiling are taken from the pot. 3. It is cooked in this way for a while by reducing the bottom of the stove that starts to boil. Other ingredients to be put in the meat are prepared close to cooking. 4. After the potatoes are thoroughly washed and peeled, they are well chopped and taken to the pot. Onions and carrots are washed in the same way and chopped small and taken to the boiling pot. 5. After placing the potatoes and onion in the pot, the water of the dish is adjusted, adding salt and pepper. 6. Boiled potatoes with meat that has been boiling in this way for a while is taken from the heat after cooking, finally it is checked whether the meat and potatoes are cooked or not. They are taken from the stove 7. The flavor of this dish, which is quite delicious, depending on one’s hand is change. Enjoy your meal.

Tips of Meat Stewed Meal


Tips of Meat Stewed Meal

As in every dish, the stewed meat dish has its own distinictive tricks. If these points are observed, more delicious flavors can be obtained. • The cooking time of the meat varies depending on whether the meat is bony or boneless, fresh or stale. • Boneless and small meats cook faster than bony meats. An average cooking time of 30 minutes of cooking time will be suffice. It is necessary to pay attention to this situation during cooking. • Bony and large meats are cooked over a longer period of time. This period takes an average of 1.5 hours. • Those who will cook a meat dish with vegetables, after the meat dish has been cooked for a certain period of time, the vegetables should be thrown into the pot. • Salt should not be added to the food during both cooking potatoes with meat and boiling meat. Salt that joins the dish during cooking may cause the meat to harden.

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